Within Day Care

Each day, every dog that attends Smart Doggy Day Care or Stay & Play Overnight Care receives a one-on-one positive method training session. These training sessions are 10 minutes long and are specific to the needs and skill level of each unique dog. Our training staff will bring focus to the “Command of the Week” in addition to 3-4 other commands or sequences. Our goal for each command or sequence is at least 5 successful repetitions. We will set the criteria to the point that a dog can achieve the desired response without a struggle and gradually increase the criteria as the dog gains confidence and skills.

The cues and habits developed in these daily sessions make them a valuable and vital part of your dog’s day. We use this opportunity to work with each individual on cues that will help make them more responsive to the handlers during Play Groups and also more responsive to their Owners at home. Positive training builds a relationships of trust and respect between the handlers and the dogs that carries over into all aspects of our interaction with your dog during their day with us. 

Our “Command of the Week” is shared with our customers in a handout each week and gives step-by-step instructions for all who are interested in training along at home. A full list of our training cues and instructions is available for to customers for a nominal fee – please ask about it when you visit.