Lobby Ettiquette

Bay View Bark is an exciting place for your dog!
Here are a few tips to keep your dog(s) safe and ready for a               day of fun.

1. Keep your dog (s) close to you and at least four feet apart from other dogs. Even dogs that are wonderful friends during off-leash play can get too excited while on leash and bark at each other.

2. Peek through the glass before entering to make sure you are not accidentally crowding into another dog’s space. In the mornings, please enter through the South (blue) door and exit through the North (black) door to prevent congestion.

3. Make sure your dog is wearing proper equipment. Your dog should be wearing a working quick-release collar and a non-retractable leash when entering. Additional harnesses and head collars are welcome, but ABSOLUTELY NO retractable leashes, metal leashes or metal collars.

4. If you arrive before 7am, please wait for us to flip the lobby lights on, signs to “OPEN” and to unlock the doors before bring your pup to the door. You may see employees entering and/or doing early morning prep in the lobby prior to 7am weekdays or 9am Sat, Sun, or Holidays, please give us these few minutes to make sure we are ready for all our guests. We will always indicate when we are ready by flipping the signs to “OPEN”.

Thank you so much!