Stay & Play Overnight Care FAQs

1. What canine health requirements need to be met?

Adult Dogs (5 months and up):

  • Provide proof that they are up to date on the following vaccines :
    • Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella.
  • Must be free of fecal parasites – Provide proof of a negative fecal test within the last 6 months for dogs 1yr and up, 3 months for dogs under 1yr.
  • On monthly flea and tick prevention.
  • Need to be surgically sterilized (spayed or neutered) by 6mo of age.
  • All dogs must be healthy and free of all contagious conditions/parasites and fully recovered from any injury, procedure, or surgery.

Puppy Info (under 5 months):

  • Puppies less than 5 months have modified vaccine requirements and meeting health requirements is used as a guide rather than setting a starting age.
  • Must have proof of the first 2 rounds of the DHPP vaccine series, the Bordetella vaccine, and proof of a negative fecal test within the last 3 months.
  • On monthly flea and tick prevention. 
  • The Rabies Vaccine is due at 20 weeks (5 months of age).
  • Puppies less than 6 months do not need to be surgically sterilized to attend.
  • All dogs must be healthy and free of all contagious conditions/parasites and fully recovered from any injury, procedure, or surgery.


2. What’s a Behavior Assessment? Why is it required?

The behavior assessment consists of 3 parts: Body Handling, Group Interaction, and a Crate Test. Dogs need to pass all three areas to be eligible for Smart Doggy Day Care. 

  • Body Handling: This exercise begins with petting and is gentle and brief, hands on assessment of your dog: looking at eyes, ears, mouth and feeling over their body and limbs for any superficial abnormalities that warrant further inspection by our staff or your vet. We need to make sure we can touch your dog as if it were a day care dog having a routine morning or afternoon body exam. Dogs need to be able to tolerate body handling and collar handling (touching, leashing, leading and unleashing). 
  • Group Interaction: We will make a play group for your dog including 4 to 6 friendly and well known current day care dogs. We will be gauging your dogs reaction to both males and females, as well as dogs that are slightly larger and smaller than them. We will introduce toys to the group and vary the level of excitement and play. Their reactions to the dogs in their assessment will help us decide which of our play group(s) your dog will do well in.
  • Crate Test: Your dog will be crated for approximately 5 minutes while we secretly observe them and their reaction. Dogs must be accepting of the crate, not biting the bars or digging at the floor pan.


3. What’s an average night like for my dog?

  • After a full day of Smart Doggy Day Care with Warm Up Packs, Group Play, a One-on-one positive training session and more Group Play, each Guest Dog returns to their Guest Room to rest and relax. It’s about 2hrs for your pup to enjoy some space to themselves, to catch a nap on their cozy bed or do some recreational chewing on an Owner provided bone, chew or toy.
  • Dinner is fed to the Guest Dogs at 5:30pm and can be as unique or as simple as the Owner desires. We encourage additional food enhancers to entice a strong appetite during your dog’s visit. See the “How to Pack” section for more specifics on food, enhancers and recreational chew items.
  • Guest Dogs are given an additional evening play session after dinner, it’s about 30 minutes of time with a small group (2-10 dogs) of friends who are also visiting for the night. Play Groups pals are chosen with a dog’s size, play style, and overall safety in mind. A BVB Dog Handler is always present with the Play Group and will use all of the current Smart Doggy Day Care Compassionate Care guidelines and standard safety procedures when interacting with the dogs to keep their play time fun and safe.
  • There is another rest/relax period after evening play for approximately 2 hours.
  • Guest Dogs are walked out for late night potties at 10pm. After potties, they receive a final body check, have their collar removed and any potential ingestion hazards cleared from their Rooms before lights out at 10:30pm.


4. Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?

  • Yes! Our 2nd and 3rd shift staff remains on site after the lobby closes and throughout the night. They watch and listen to the dogs in the Guest House and respond to any special needs when they arise, just like you would!


5. What’s the morning routine? How early does it begin?

  • First morning potty breaks begin at 5am; these are quick and on leash so each dog gets relieved before any of them get too uncomfortable waiting. Each dog is walked out one by one into one of our securely fenced yards.
  • Breakfast is served immediately after the 1st round of potty breaks, from 5:30am to 6am.
  • The Guest Dogs receive a second round of potty breaks after breakfast, these are more relaxed and off leash in the same securely fenced yard.
  • For the next 1-2 hours as we prepare for Smart Doggy Day Care and Day Care Dogs arrive, our Guest dogs remain in their Rooms to enjoy some space to themselves, to catch a nap on their cozy bed or do some recreational chewing on an Owner provided bone, chew or toy.
  • By 8am Guest Dogs join their Day Care Play Groups for the day where they participate in morning Warm Up Packs, morning and afternoon Group Play and receive their personalized one-on-one training session.


6. What are the Drop Off and Pick Up times for Stay & Play Overnight Care?

  • All Drop Offs are morning only:
    • 7am-8am weekdays for current Day Care Customers
    • 8am-10am weekdays for new customers (1st Stay)
    • 9am-11am Sat, Sun and Holidays for all customers

We feel strongly about beneficial effects of your dog(s) having an entire day to settle into the environment, participate in physical activity and have positive mental stimulation before the slower paced evening activities begin. Dogs are more relaxed overall and more comfortable in their Guest Rooms after spending the day with us. Getting to know the staff onsite, getting used to their Rooms in small doses throughout the day and having a buffer from the intensity of the farewell all makes for a better first night and sets the tone for the remainder of the Stay.

  • Morning Pick Ups are available:
    • 8am-10am weekdays
    • 9am-11am Sat, Sun and Holidays
  • Evening Pick Ups can be accommodated when a final day of Day Care is added to the last day of the reservation. Regular Day Care fees apply.
    • 4pm-8pm weekdays
    • 3pm-5pm Sat, Sun and Holidays


7. Can I make a reservation if I’m not sure about the exact dates yet?

  • As availability and pricing are directly linked to the dates and times reserved for your dog via your Reservation Request, Bay View Back staff will not begin your Reservation Request without your consented Drop Off date/time and your consented Pick Up date/time noted.
  • We urge you to make every attempt to firm up your schedule prior to booking your reservation as we make commitments to other customers based on the scheduled availability of our Guest Rooms and may have a difficult time giving your dog standard accommodations if your dog’s Stay & Play reservation is extended last minute.
  • Please note, if you change the Drop Off date after we begin your Reservation Request, the original “start” date of your reservation remains the reference point for any future cancellations and that this can affect the status of your refund or lack thereof.


8. What are Peak Dates? Why are there different prices and due dates on these dates? Why is there a 2-night minimum on Christmas?

  • Peak dates correlate with high demand holidays.
  • We charge a $5/day premium for each dog on these dates to offset the increased holiday wages paid to our staff.
  • Payments are due farther in advance and cancellation policies are stricter to help ensure that we can schedule our staff appropriately during these busy times.
  • The 2-night minimum for Christmas is in place to avoid losing spots for multi-night Stay & Play customers due to a big influx of one night Guests and also to avoid using a disproportionate amount of staff time in the labor intensive process of room sanitization (15-20 minutes per Room) for single night reservations.


9. How should I pack for my dog’s Stay? Can I bring their fluffy bed? Dishes? Favorite toys? Let’s face it, it’s easy to go overboard when you’re packing for your pup, we have limited space for personal belongings and provide many basic comforts for your dog, so please follow these guidelines to help keep it light!

  • Provide adequate food for the entire duration of the reservation. Bring all dog meals in individually portioned zip lock baggies or PLASTIC containers, snacks or treats should also be packed in an air tight PLASTIC No glass or ceramic, please. Gladware, Tupperware or a similar container is appropriate. All bags and containers must be labeled with your dog’s name and last initial.
  • Please consider packing a food enhancer of your choice (just a couple tablespoons each meal will do); canned food, yogurt, sweet potato – you name it and we’ll be happy to customize your dog’s meals for you during Stay & Play. Often the change of routine and environment can put even enthusiastic eaters off their food for the first few days. We’d love to avoid that because when dogs eat well, they are happier, have more energy, are more resilient and have better immune function too.
  • Recreational bones and chews are encouraged and will be given during rest breaks and removed overnight. These should also be packed in an appropriately sized, air tight plastic container.
  • Medication, supplements and calming aids fully labeled, with Owners full name, dogs name, drug name, size/concentration, dose and frequency. A “Medication and Supplement Administration Form” must be filled for each medication, supplement, or calming aid your dog receives.
  • A favorite toy in good condition and/or a disposable t-shirt that smells like you/home.
  • Bay View Bark provides raised, chew resistant, Kuranda beds, bedding and bowls for our Guest Dogs during Stay and Play. Please do not bring any additional bedding or bowls from home as we will not be able to accept them at Drop Off.
  • Upon Drop Off, all dogs must be lead on a 6 or 8 foot nylon or leather non-retractable leash. They must wear or have packed along, a quick release collar – NO metal collars, chain leashes or retractable leashes allowed due to safety and handling precautions. Additional walking aids such as harnesses and head collars are permitted.


10. Do I really have to separate and label each meal? Why?

  • Please, please follow the packing guidelines and measure each meal into a single labeled plastic bag or container. At busy meal times, all of the meals for each dog in the Guest House are pulled out and arranged on a feeding cart. Having the meal bags/containers labeled with your dog’s first name and last initial ensures your dog receives the correct meal in the correct amount each time they are fed.


11. Will BVB give medications or supplements to my dog during their Stay?

  • Yes, we are happy to give your dog their regular dietary supplements or medications for ongoing health or behavioral issues. We can accommodate pills, capsules, chews, powders, creams and drops, but we will not give any medications via injection.
  • Please be sure to give us adequate information regarding the product you provide, your dog’s condition, direction for administration and provide whatever may be necessary to disguise the pills/capsules and entice your dog to eat them. We can pill dogs, but prefer to avoid it for staff safety whenever necessary.
  • We will not give medications to treat contagious conditions as dogs with contagious conditions are not welcome for care until they are healthy and symptom free.


12. What activity will my dog receive throughout the day as a Solo Guest?

Solo Guests are those that do really well with people but for one reason or another (age, handicap or sociability), are not a good candidate for our Group Play throughout the day. This offering is available on a very limited basis, always check for availability and book as far in advance as possible.

  • These dogs are still welcome to attend Bay View Bark for Overnight Care after meeting our canine health requirements and passing the handling portion of our assessment. The number of Solo Guests in-house at any given time is very limited, so be sure to book assessments and reservations with as much notice as possible to get you pup a place if you think they are a Solo Guest candidate.
  • Solo Guests take part in all of the routine morning activities up to the point of the Day Care day beginning. After this, they are worked into the schedule for at least 4 one-on-one exercise/cuddle sessions (15-30min) with one of our dog handlers between 9am and 3pm.
  • They enjoy a private 10 minute training session each day that uses positive methods to focus on good manners, basic obedience and fun agility skills.
  • In the evening, each Solo Guest receives and additional one-on-one exercise session with one of our handlers after their dinner and the same routine late night potty break as the other Guest Dogs.
  • We encourage the Owners of Solo Guest Dogs to be sure to pack extra recreational chews and interactive toys/treats to help keep them mentally stimulated during the extra time they spend in their Room between Solo Play Sessions. If your dog really loves to fetch or tug, please let us know and provide their favorite toy as well!


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Bay View Bark’s Stay & Play Overnight Care program!  If you ever have any other questions please reach out to us in person, by phone or by email. We are always happy to help and appreciate the opportunity to do so.   


 Julia Kaminecki and the Bay View Bark Team