Drop off, Pick up and Pricing

Stay & Play Overnight Care Pricing – Includes a full day of Smart Doggy Day Care with a one-on-one training session!
24 hr Stay (a.m. to a.m.) $58
Receive a 5% Discount on Stay & Play Reservations of 7 nights or more!

Stay & Play Drop Offs are MORNING ONLY:
· 7am-8am on weekdays for current Smart Doggy Day Care customers
· 8am-9am on weekdays for new customers
· 9am-10am Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays for all customers 

– NEW – Curb Side Drop Offs ONLY:    

Saturday AM Drop Offs 9-10am: Enter the loading zone and continue pulling   forward as others depart. Our staff will continually cycle out to cars in the   loading zone, approaching the sidewalk side (or roll you window down and   direct us elsewhere please) to remove your leashed dogs and escort them    into the building. You only need to call if you have a unique request or health/behavior notification to share with us.

Sunday AM Drop Offs 9-10am: Enter the loading zone and CALL TO NOTIFY US OF YOUR ARRIVAL and parking spot number. We will come out to gather your dog and supplies.


Stay & Pick Ups can be pre-arranged for MORNING or EVENING: 

Morning Pick Ups are available:
· 8am-10am weekdays
· 9am-10am Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

Evening Pick Ups can be accommodated when a final day of Day Care is added to the last day of the reservation. Regular Day Care fees apply. Day Care Packs cannot be applied.
· 4pm-7pm weekdays
· 4pm-5pm Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

– NEW – Curb Side Pick Ups ONLY:   

Pick Ups Weekdays 4-7PM and Sat/Sun/Holidays 4-5pm: Please enter the loading zone and CALL TO NOTIFY US OF YOUR ARRIVAL and parking spot number. STAY IN YOUR ORIGINAL PARKING SPOT until we greet you with your dog. Please don’t pull up or change spots. Thanks!

You can stay in your seat while we load them in – open your window to give the staff member any specific directions, or if you prefer to meet your dog outside the car – please wait at the curb and we’ll perform a leash stretch exchange while preserving a 6ft social distance. 

Arrive at your convenience after 4pm WEEKDAYS, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, OR HOLIDAYS. Late fees accrue for pick after the stated pick up times. Thanks!

Peak Days (extra $5 fee per dog)                                                            2021: Jan 1, April 4, May 31, July 4, Sept 6th, Nov 25, Dec 25*      *There is a 2 night minimum for all Stay & Play reservations that include 12/25.