From its very inception the Smart Doggy Day Care program at Bay View Bark was unique to all others. We keep a lower dog to staff ratio, include a private, positive reinforcement based training session for every dog each day and honor a commitment to communication with the customer. Bay View Bark’s one of a kind doggy day care program was established in April 2012 at our former location just down the street. As we have grown we have seen many changes, but these founding principles live on in our daily practices.  Our business services currently include Smart Doggy Day Care, Stay & Play Overnight Care, Dog Training Classes and Dog Grooming Services.

-Smart Doggy Day Care-

The way we include training in the routine of the dogs in our doggy day care and boarding programs truly serves the dogs, their people and us! The increased vocabulary, command recognition, response rate, confidence and communication result in improved canine behavior both at home and within our facility. 

-Stay & Play Overnight-   

In December of 2016 we moved up the block to our current location. We are now in newly remodeled facility that includes space for dog boarding – or as we like to call it “Stay & Play Overnight Care”. We have 29 clean, bright, safely designed rooms available and we include a full day of Smart Doggy Day Care for all of our  friendly social canine guests with each day of care.

-Dog Training Classes-

Our dog training classes for manners and obedience have been a main stay through the  years. Our class content and cues are fully compatible with the training received by doggy day care and boarding dogs, providing continuity for you and your dog(s). All of our trainers use positive reinforcement and reward based reinforcement methods, lots of treats, praise, toys and petting. We do not condone, use or teach aversive training methods. When we moved, we unfortunately could not keep offering agility training classes, but we have added a couple new trainers and class offerings along the way.

-Dog Grooming-

Our dog grooming team has recently grown, allowing us to get day care clients Bath Brush and More and Full Groom appointments 6 days a week. Please call in advance and remember our popular groomers book out 3-4 weeks in advance!