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Here's what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with Bay View Bark...

Lisa L. 4/5/16
The staff's love for dogs is very apparent every time I pick up/drop off our dog! Our dog is a little difficult to handle at times, yet the staff do an excellent job working with him to make sure he has a great time socializing with other dogs! I would recommend Bay View Bark to anyone looking for a dog day care.
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Yvette P. 10/26/15
I absolutely LOVE Bay View Bark! We've been bringing our 3 year old wheaten terrier here since we moved to Milwaukee (about a year) and they have been absolutely great. My husband and I travel for work and they are so flexible with our hectic schedules, the facility is wonderful, the staff is friendly and they know us by name...even when we call. My dog can't wait to jump out of the car when we pull into the parking lot and has a great time there, does agility training, and also learns basic commands. I highly recommend Bay View Bark.
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Stephanie G. 8/18/15
My dog and I LOVE Bay View Bark!!!  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  My dog goes to daycare several days a week while I'm at work.  I like how they have a teaching component as well.  She gets to play with her furry friends, and learns skills like agility and basic commands.  They also offer other services like grooming and washing.  I highly recommend Bay View Bark!
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Kathryn W. 5/26/2015
Bay View Bark has helped my dog Quincy tremendously over the past few months. Quincy, a rescue puppy, has separation anxiety and is very fearful around strangers and new situations. The trainers at Bay View Bark understand her issues and are totally willing to work with her and are helping her overcome her fear. In the two months Quincy has been going to Bay View Bark, her fear of strangers has diminished and she is so excited to go to day care every time we drop her off. We will continue to bring Quincy to Bay View Bark because they are committed to improving the lives of the dogs they work with, and we couldn't be happier with their services! Thank you all so much for helping little Quincy!
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Rob S. 3/9/2015
I love Bay View Bark.

I travel for work, bringing my dog along, and have become very seasoned at locating dog parks, dog friendly hotels and doggy day cares. I worked in Milwaukee for several years, traveling from Chicago during the week. I would bring my dog to Bay View Bark several times a week.

Milwaukee in general is very dog friendly with some great dog friendly hotels (Iron Horse, Aloft) and top notch dog parks. But Bay View Bark is a gem.

Bay View Bark is not just a doggy day care. It's a boot camp dogs. They provide both structured and open play time for dogs and it works! My 8 year old dog, who has been trained to go hiking and camping in remote settings, as well as living in urban settings showed improvement in all obedience areas. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

I've moved on to a different city now and appreciate even more the uniqueness of the services they offer. Truly top notch business.
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Susan F. 2/20/2015
Wonderful facility, wonderful team, this is our one-stop doggie shop! Easy to get to, extremely reasonably prices, I can't say anything but great things about Bay View Bark.  Our doggie has a wonderful time here and loves the staff as much as playing with the other dogs. We go for daycare, group play and soon training and agility. I expect we will have a very long-term relationship with this excellent business.
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Luke Z. 8/14/2014
So, every morning that Jax gets to go to daycare, I try to secretly make his treat pack and then get ready for work like normal but before leaving I ask him, "Would you like to go see Julia!?!" And this startles him a bit, I think because he thinks going to the Bay View Bark is too good to be true. So, I ask him again, and that convinces him. I never see Jax more excited than when he knows he's going to see all his great friends at Bay View Bark! Thanks for being such a phenomenal resource, I know my dog's life and therefore ours lives as well, is all the more richer for your presence in Bay View.
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Renee H. 3/14/2014
I took my newly adopted dog here for two classes and they were great. I loved how small they were and how much attention both myself and the dog got. I also just recently started sending my dog to doggy daycare once a week and we both love it. She gets to play all day and I love that they include training as part of the day. The little report cards are the cutest thing. Both my dog and I love this place. I would highly recommend for classes and doggy daycare.
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Scott C. 2/19/2014
Great place for dog daycare. They do an excellent job of doing an initial assesment of your dog that you get to watch. They explain what happens to your dog throughout the day (group playtime, indvidual training, nap time, etc.). All the staff is very friendly, helpful and know all the dogs. We get a report card for our dog telling us what they worked on, who they played with and couple of other notes. They also offer open play in the afternoon and is really helpful in the winter months when dogs can't really be outside for too long.
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Elizabeth A. 12/06/2013
I took my two dogs here a lot over the winter when they first opened, because it's a great way to get in their exercise when it's too cold to be outside.  Now that winter is on it's way again, I'm really looking forward to stopping in.  The staff is very friendly, and very good at helping to keep all the playful pups on their best behavior as they run around together.  I've also used their grooming service, which is excellent.
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Kimberly B. 9/26/2013
Best doggie daycare and groomers I've ever found. I've recently switched jobs and want to rent closer to my work but the only thing holding me back is moving away from Bay View Bark; I would go out of my way to take him here. The staff is friendly, attentive and always has time for questions. My dog goes once a week to daycare and they will work in a grooming appointment for him while he's there. I drop him off at 7am and pick him up at 5pm. When I pick him up he is exhausted after a full day of playtime, obedience and socialization.
I've also participated in the agility classes and used the dog park.
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Albert B. 5/21/2013
Finding a friendly & safe place for our standard poodle to play that was closer than the city dog parks was a bit of hassle. When bayview bark opened on 1st street we were excited to see how the establishment would develop. They have done a nice job creating a functional outside play area and though the inside play space is small it seems to keep the dogs engaged and tuckers them out. I highly recommend their Doggie Boot Camp (doggie daycare with little more training) service. Our dogs comes home happy and completely exhausted. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the dogs on the premises. They really seem to care about the dogs they are working with.
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Aga A. 12/13/2012
So thankful to Julia and her business partner for bringing such a cool place to Bayview!

My husband and I got our first dog earlier this year. Before we picked him up from the breeder, I stopped at Bayview Bark (BVB) to get a tour and learn more about their business as we live only a few miles away and always make a point of supporting a local business over a chain. Julia gave me a tour of the facility and on the first glance, everything looked great. But once we got our puppy and started to come to BVB regularly, I completely fell in love with the place and the people. They genuinely care about your dog and your well-being. They will do what's right to ensure safety of dogs and their owners. They are always smiling, welcoming and open to listen to your questions and giving advice.

So far, and we have had our puppy since March of 2012, we:
- have taken a puppy essential training course
- have taken summer agility foundation short course
- are currently enrolled in agility foundation 8 week course
- had our dog groomed and his nails trimmed
- attended several Friday night and Sunday during the day special events/fundraisers
- enrolled our dog in Doggie Boot Camp (day care) once or twice a week
- attended their Open Play from 4-8pm every week day - there are indoor and outdoor play areas.

All these services met and exceeded our expectations. We will continue supporting this place because there is not a better one in town :)
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Gretchen P. 10/17/2012
My dog Pete loves it here! He attends Barkin Bootcamp(daycare)2-3 times per week. They have an outdoor and indoor park that's awesome too! The daycare is pricey compared to other places in the area, but they spend time with him doing basic training and agility training. It's completely worth the extra money! My dog is learning new tricks. It's fun to bring him home and see what her learned for the day!
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Cassie D. 7/13/2012
I have nothing but good things to say about Bay View Bark, not only is the environment wonderful for the dogs, but the people are amazing. It's a fairly new start-up and they could use support!

They offer a ton of services including grooming, day care, and classes. They are very supportive of local rescue groups and are constantly hosting fundraisers and giving back.

There is inside and out door play areas (even a small dog area). Both grass and gravel. You are more than welcome to bring snacks and just hang out. I love the atmosphere, it's laid back and very friendly.
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