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Bay View BARK
2209 S. 1st St.
Bay View, WI  53207

Going on Vacation?
Business trip?
Entertaining at home?

We can help
with Overnight Care at Bay View Bark!!!
S 1st St Bridge Closed !!!
The bridge just south of BVB is closed for repair. When coming from the south, use 4th St to Maple St or KK to Maple St as alternate routes. Thanks!
When you book your dog a reservation to Bay View Bark's Stay & Play Guest House, they will enjoy all the fun of Smart Doggy Day Care during the day and rest in their own  private Guest Room each night. In addition to all of the daytime activities, our Guest Dogs receive meals in their rooms, an additional evening play session, late night and early morning potty breaks. 

Our clean and comfy "Guest Rooms" are 4x4 and 4x6 enclosures with smooth walls, tempered glass front doors, a raised deck floor for warmth and drainage, an elevated mounted feeding system, and an orthopedic bed with cozy fleece blankets. The Guest House has fresh air year round and heat and air conditioning so your dog feels right at home. Our staff is onsite throughout the night for your dog’s safety and for your peace of mind. 

All Guest Dogs must be up to date on their  vaccines (Rabies, DHLPP & Bordatella), free of fecal parasites, on monthly flea and tick prevention and surgically sterilized (by 6mo of age) prior to their visit. Behavior assessments* are required, but free. Schedule your dog’s assessment prior to booking your their reservation to the Stay and Play Guest House. 

Stay and Play Pricing                             
                      One Dog    2nd /3rd/4th   

24 hr Stay (a.m. to a.m.) $50           $45
Peak/Holiday Pricing    $55           $50
(2 night minimum during Peak/Holiday dates)

Peak Periods: The days in high demand surrounding holidays are classified as Peak Periods. Stay & Play Overnight Care fees increase by $5 for each dog during these dates. There is a 2 night minimum for all Stay & Play Overnight Care reservations that include dates during these Peak Periods.
Peak/Holiday Periods include:
2017: June 30 - July 5, Sept 1 - 4, Nov 20 - 26,    Dec 18 – 31
2018: Jan 1 - 2, Mar 30 - April 1, May 25 - 28,     June 29 - July 5, Aug 31 – Sept 4, Nov 19 – 25,          Dec 17 – 31

Get  10% off  Stays of  7 days or more!

All Drop Offs are Morning ONLY 
     Monday - Friday 
                7-8am for current clients
                9-10am for new clients
     Sat, Sun and Holidays
                9-11am for all clients

Morning Pick Up 
     Monday - Friday 
                8-9am for all clients
     Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 
                9-11am for all clients

Evening Pick Ups can be accommodated when a final day of Smart Doggy Day Care is added to the last day of the reservation. 
Regular Day Care fees apply.
      Monday - Friday 
      Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 

Behavior assessments* are required for all Stay & Play Overnight Care attendees. Assessments are typically available Mon - Fri at 4:30pm and 5pm. All behavior assessments are by appointment only. Please call in advance for availability.

Owner must provide proof of all required vaccines and negative fecal test at or before assessment.

*If your dog is assessed but not approved for Smart Doggy Day Care due to age, health or sociability; we may still be able accommodate them overnight with Solo Care. Solo Care is offered on a limited basis with one-on-one exercise time provided periodically throughout the day to dogs that are very friendly to people. Advanced reservations are required.

Packing for Stay & Play – Let’s face it, it’s easy to go overboard when your packing for your pup, we have limited space for personal belongings and provide many basic comforts for your dog, so please follow these guidelines to help keep it light!

• Provide adequate food for the entire duration of the reservation. Bring all dog meals in individually portioned zip lock baggies or PLASTIC containers, snacks or treats should also be packed in an air tight PLASTIC container. No glass or ceramic, please. Gladware, Tupperware or a similar container is appropriate. All bags and containers must be labeled with your dog’s name and last initial.

• Consider having us add a food enhancer of your choice (just a couple tablespoons each meal will do); canned food, yogurt, sweet potato – you name it and we’ll be happy to customize your dog’s routine feeding during Stay & Play. Often the change of routine and environment can put even enthusiastic eaters off their food for the first few days. We’d love to avoid that because when dogs eat well, they are happier, have more energy, are more resilient and have better immune function too.

• Recreational bones and chews are encouraged and will be given during rest breaks and removed overnight. These should also be packed in an appropriately sized, air tight plastic container.

• Medication, supplements and calming aids fully labeled, with Owners full name, dogs name, drug name, size/concentration, dose and frequency. A “Medication and Supplement Administration Form” must be filled for each medication, supplement, or calming aid your dog receives.

• A favorite toy in good condition and/or a disposable T-shirt that smells like you/home.

• Bay View Bark provides raised, chew resistant, Kuranda beds, bedding and bowls for our Guest Dogs during Stay and Play. Please do not bring any additional bedding or bowls from home as we will not be able to accept them at Drop Off.

• Upon Drop Off, all dogs must be lead on a 6 or 8 foot nylon or leather non-retractable leash. They must wear or have packed along, a quick release collar - NO metal collars, chain leashes or retractable leashes allowed due to safety and handling precautions. Additional walking aids such as harnesses and head collars are permitted.

Dear Current Customers: you already have an account! Use the Owner Login with the Primary Owners Email Address as the Username and then reset the password.