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Bay View BARK
2209 S. 1st St.
Bay View, WI  53207
Compassionate Grooming
Wed - Fri 12p-8p
Sat & Sun 9a-4p

We believe that every pet deserves a little pampering. Our experienced Groomers work on one dog at a time in a calm, quiet space. This compassionate grooming style keeps your dog safe, comfortable and looking great each visit.

As an added bonus, every dog who receives a bath with their grooming service also gets a COMPLEMENTARY blueberry facial!! This lovely treatment gently exfoliates and cleans your fur baby's face. It's also soothing and hydrating for their skin. It is an all natural product made with oatmeal and blueberry to help remove tear stains without stinging their eyes.

Full Service Grooming
All Full Grooms include a bath, blueberry facial, hair cut and style, nail clipping, ear cleaning and gland expression.

Starting prices range from $48 to $110.
Prices vary depending on breed, size, coat type and condition.

Bath Brush and More
All Bath Brush and Mores includes a bath, blueberry facial, brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning and gland expression.

Starting prices range from $24 to $90 depending on size and coat of the breed.

K-9 A'la Carte
Nail Clipping: $11
Nail Filing: $10
Gland Expression: $14
Ear Cleaning: $5
Ear Plucking:$10
Teeth Brushing:$10

All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices listed are "starting" prices, they may increase dependant on the dog's coat condition, size, or disposition. WI Sales tax (5.6%) will be added to the final price determined by the groomer.

De-matting Fees
An extra de-matting fees will be added to the price for dogs with matted fur receiving Full Service Groom or Bath Brush and More services.

Please call 414-763-1304 for further information regarding price quotes, timing quotes and to set up an appointment in advance. We recommend booking at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your desired appointment date.
S 1st St Bridge Closed !!!
The bridge just south of BVB is closed for repair. When coming from the south, use 4th St to Maple St or KK to Maple St as alternate routes. Thanks!