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Supervised Play Groups
2209 S. 1st St.
Bay View, WI  53207
Bay View BARK
Wed - Fri 12p-8p
Sat & Sun 9a-4p
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Dog Park Tips
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S 1st St Bridge Closed !!!

The bridge just south of BVB is closed for repair. When comming from the south, use 4th St to Maple St or KK to Maple St as alternate routes. Thanks!
Seasonal Supervised
Play Group Options:

-Small Dog Play Group for small dogs 25lbs and under (all ages)
1st Sunday of each Month 3pm to 4:30
Starting (after summer break) September 3rd, 2017

-Puppy Play Group for puppies 6 months and under (all sizes)
3rd Sunday of each Month 3pm to 4:30pm
Starting (after summer break) September 17th,2017

Available SEPT thru MAY

Play groups are available on the above scheduled days from 3pm to 4:30pm at Bay View Bark. Please note play groups are intended solely for the socialization of young puppies and small dogs. To give these groups the most positive experience, we are unable to accommodate:
-Small dogs over 25lbs in weight in small dog play group.
-Puppies and dogs over 6 months of age in puppy play group. Puppies of any size within the given age range are welcome.

All dogs entering the facility for classes, day care, overnight care and play groups must have proof of current Rabies, DHLPP  and  Bordatella vaccinations. Proof of a parasite free Fecal Test within the last  3 months for dogs under 1 yr or 6 months for dogs over 1 yr is also required. Puppies under 5 months have modified vaccine requirements, call for details.

Please bring your dog's veterinary records with you when you come in to register. A dog's owner or handler must stay with it throughout their Play Group visit.

BVB Play Group Admission Fees

       1st Dog      2nd + Dog(s)

Single Visit      $7 plus tax   $5 plus tax

4 Visit              $24 plus tax       $18 plus tax
Punch Card

Season Pass  $50 plus tax       $38 plus tax

Admission provides access to both the indoor and outdoor play areas during scheduled Play Groups.
All 4 Visit Punch Cards and Season Passes expire 5/21/18. Pass holders are not exempt from age limits regarding Puppy Play Groups.

BVB Play Group Rules

1. Leash your dog/puppy whenever you are not in the Play Group. Leashes are required in the halls and retail area.

2. Keep your dog's Rabies and DHLPP vaccines current and only bring them if they are healthy and parasite free.

3. Keep your dog within view and voice control at all times. Respond quickly to staff requests to call/control/move your dog.

4. Remove harnesses, choke chains, prong collars, or spiked collars prior to entering the Play Group. We require quick release collars for the safest play.

5. Carry your dog's leash with you at all times. You never know when you'll need it!

6. Pick up, mop up and dispose of your dogs waste in the provided receptacles (inside and outside).

7. All owners are responsible for managing their dog's behavior while at BVB. Staff will assist in teaching techniques to handle unwanted behavior and manage play. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

8. All dogs must be under the control of an adult: limit 3 dogs per handler.

9. No treats in the Play Groups! Treats are ok in the halls/leashed areas.

10. Kids under 8yrs are not allowed in Play Groups. Well behaved kids over 8 are to be kept close and supervised while interacting with dogs. Always respect the other owners wishes as to your child's interaction with their dogs.

11. No human food is allowed in the Play Groups, drinks are ok, but no glass or ceramic containers please.

12. No smoking inside or outside.

13. Dogs in heat are prohibited.