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Smart Doggy Day Care
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We use positive, reward based methods to teach your pooch good manners, basic obedience and agility obstacles.

Tell us what training your dog needs and we'll create a custom training plan  for better results.

Our structured day care will keep your dog focused and engaged throughout their stay.The number of dogs we care for daily is limited, so your kiddo gets lots of personal time with the trainer and handler. We keep our staff to dog ratio high to ensure a manageable and safe group size for your furry friend. Each dog is rotated through a personalized warm up pack, one on one training in obedience and agility skills as well as spending lots of time in play group.

Please call ahead to schedule your free behavior assessment and to check our availability. Please note that all dogs must be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age to attend.

Monday thru Friday

8-9am......Warm up Play Pack Rotation
8:30-3:30pm.....Group Play*
10-2pm......Training rotation/Rest rotation* 
3:30pm......."Chill Time"
4-8pm........Pickup, Potty Breaks & feeding if needed

* With four play groups in rotation, the first group will be assembled as early as 8:30am. Each group spends approximately one hour up for training/rest time between 10am -2pm before returning to the play rotation. Every dog receives a ten minute private training session each visit.

Day Care Pricing (Mon -Fri)

                   One Dog          2nd or 3rd dog
                                         (same family)

One Day         $34 plus tax      $30 plus tax

4 pack           $128 plus tax     $118 plus tax

10 pack          $300 plus tax    $280 plus tax

20 Pack         $560 plus tax     $460 plus tax

Saturday Day Care*

9-10am............Arrivals (after 10:15 will be turned away)
10-11:30am......Training Rotation
11:30-1:30pm....Group Play
1:30pm............"Chill Time"
2-4pm..............Pick Up

*Cost: $17/Saturday plus tax or 1/2 Punch from 4,10, or 20PK

Bay View Bark Gets a New Custom Home!!!
We have moved to
1820 S 1st St . Please excuse the dust as we continue to make improvements over the next few weeks.