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Bay View BARK
About Us
2209 S. 1st St.
Milwaukee, WI  53207

Bay View BARK is your one stop dog oasis!

Our Smart Doggy Daycare has a unique focus on smaller groups and one on one training. Check out the tab above for more info on enrolling your dog today.
All friendly, social dogs are welcome to attend our Smart Doggy Day Care, Training Classes, Play Groups and fun doggy events.
We also offer a full line of Grooming services and a "self wash" tub where you can do the washing and leave the mess behind!
Check out the Events page to see the next Vaccine Clinic, Workshop, Party or Fund Raiser.

I never see Jax more excited than when he knows he's going to see all his great friends at Bay View Bark! Thanks for being such a phenomenal resource, I know my dog's life and
therefore our lives as well, is all the more richer for your presence in Bay View.
  -Luke Z