Smart Doggy Day Care

What makes our Smart Doggy Day Care program unique?

Our structured day care will keep your furry friend focused and engaged while they enjoy a day of fun, exercise and socialization.  We will organize our day care dogs into as many as 5 separate play areas daily so they can be grouped safely according to their size, play style, and comfort level.  Daily activities include:


    – First thing in the morning, we organize your dog’s play group into smaller groups of 4-6 dogs. This short play session with a smaller group warms up the dog’s minds and bodies and makes for a smoother transition from single (or double) dog households to group play.

  • A Positive Method One-On- One Training Session

    – Each dog receives this constructive, individually tailored training time every day to work on basic obedience skills, fun, simple agility skills and also benefits from bonding one-on- one with their handlers. Training sessions are 10 minutes long and are given during the 1 hour long mid-day rest break.

  •  Lots of Group Play Time

    – Between Drop Off and the mid-day rest break and then again
    after the break until Pick Ups begin your dog will have at least 5 hours to run with their friends and play with toys in our securely fenced indoor and outdoor play yards. During this time they are always accompanied and monitored by a BVB Dog Handler trained in our Compassionate Care Guidelines for fair and safe play. 

  • Register as a new Owner via the “New Customer Registration” link, upload your dog’s health requirements, and call us to schedule a free behavior assessment for your pup today!!

  • Plan ahead! Behavior assessments are held at 4:30pm and 5:00pm on weeknights. We typically book out 1 to 2 weeks from the current date. All health requirements must be met for us to schedule your dog’s assessment.


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Stay & Play Overnight Care

For your dog’s safety and for your peace of mind, our staff is onsite, monitoring our Guests Dogs 24 hours a day!

Your dog’s boarding visit at Bay View Bark includes Smart Doggy Day Care with a Training Session each day and their own private Guest Room each night. In addition to all of the daytime activities (Warm Up Play Packs, One-on-One Training Session, & lots of Group Play), our Guest Dogs receive meals in their rooms, an evening play session, late night and early morning potty breaks.

Our 2nd and 3rd shift Staff provide additional evening play time, potty breaks and comfort to the Overnight Dogs.
Our clean and comfy Guest Rooms are 4×4 and 4×6 enclosures with smooth walls, tempered glass front doors, a raised deck floor for warmth and drainage. An orthopedic dog bed, bedding and feeding dishes are also included. The Guest House is heated, air conditioned and ventilated so your dog feels right at home year round.

If your dog needs attention or has an issue in the middle of the night, don’t worry – we’ll take care of it! Our staff is onsite, monitoring and tending to our Guest Dogs 24 hours a day!

Plan ahead! Behavior assessments are required ( but free) and held at 4:30pm and 5:00pm on weeknights. We typically book out 1 to 2 weeks from the current date. All health requirements must be met for us to schedule your dog’s assessment.


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Dog Training

– Philosophy:
All of our trainers use positive reinforcement, reward based training methods. We start with looking for success at a basic level and growing your dog’s skills and confidence with time and practice. Treats, praise and petting are all incorporated as rewards to keep your dog performing at their best. We feel that these methods provide long term success, foster beneficial bonding, and grow a trusting relationship as you and your dog work together!

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Training Within Day Care

Dog Grooming

Grooming services are currently only available for Smart Doggy Daycare and Stay & Play Overnight  Care Clients due to limited grooming staff. As always, all grooming services need to be scheduled in advance. 

We hope to extend our services to non-day care and overnight care clients again soon. We apologize for any inconvenience during this time of restricted availability.

We believe that every pet deserves a little pampering. Our experienced Groomers work with one dog at a time in a calm, quiet space. Our compassionate grooming style keeps your dog safe, comfortable and looking great each visit! As an added bonus, every dog that receives a bath with their service also gets a COMPLIMENTARY blueberry facial!!





Meet Julia:

As President and Founder of Bay View Bark, it’s no surprise that my background in the animal field stretches back to when I was only 14 years old! My first “dog job” was as a bather for a groomer. Through the years I have also served as a dog walker, a kennel attendant at a no kill dog shelter, a kennel tech at a humane society, a dog training assistant, a City of Milwaukee Inspector investigating dog bite cases and inspecting pet stores, groom shops and day cares around Milwaukee, the kennel manager at a humane society, a dog trainer for the humane society and a private dog training business and now find myself with just over 20 years of experience in the animal care industry. My degree in Psychology (with minor in Biology) has also furthered my understanding of canine behavior and the basic mechanisms of positive reinforcement training methods that we use every day at Bay View Bark.

Bay View Bark got its start in 2011 when some friends came to me with their resources and a good idea for an indoor dog park with boutique style day care, grooming and classes. I jumped on board then and never let go. Although the original dog park idea didn’t work out, our unique doggy day care thrived and grew to be the mainstay of the business. Through the years the other people that were initially involved have moved onto other pursuits and now I run Bay View Bark with the help of a great staff and my sweet, handy, and accommodating husband, Matt.

In December of 2016 we transferred Bay View Bark to a newly renovated building about a half block north of the previous location. Starting from scratch and designing the play yards, boarding area and training space was a huge benefit. We now have a space built to suit our unique needs and are really loving every minute of it!

We want to be an asset to our customers, providing high quality doggy day care, boarding, grooming and training that they can trust to be safe and kind and that they can rely on whether they need us every week or just once and a while.

Mission Statement: Providing compassionate care and a safe environment to every dog in our care. Engaging the dogs with friendly handling staff and a cohesive training team for the best doggy daycare and boarding experience in the industry.

The way we include training in the daily routine of the dogs in our care truly serves the dogs, their people and us! The increased vocabulary, command recognition, response rate, confidence and communication result in improved behavior both at home and within our facility.

I enjoy all things “dog” and find tremendous pleasure in the pure excitement and affection they share, the honesty in their communication, and the surprises they bring to each and every day. I also really relish speaking with and working with and for “dog people”. In a way it’s like we have a language of our own with an underlying understanding of the furry gifts were sharing with one another. I have a strong passion for compassionate care; making sure the animals’ needs are met in a kind and empathetic manner, in which we focus on the positive and work things into our practices and procedures, so the dogs are happy and safe while they are having fun in our care. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs!